STS (Sodium Toluene Sulfonate)

  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Material:Sodium Toluene Sulfonate
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Sodium Toluene Sulfonate

Molecular formula:CH3C6H4SO3NA

It is used as the solutizer and conditioner of synthetic detergent and an intermediate in medicine synthesis. It mainly can be used as the solutizer, dispersant, and anti-coagulant, etc.

Used as the solutizer and the coupling agent in the production process of detergent.
Sodium toluenesulfonate can increase solubility of organic substances in water solution, which adjusts/decreases the concentration of the product in water solution. Its function is to change two different states of substances to form an even mixture, reducing the crystallization temperature and the liquid viscosity.
In the liquid drying process, it increases the solid composition of the product and increases the cleaning effect of detergent.
Can be used as a crystal additive in the production of chemical fertilizer.
Can be used as the solutizer in liquid detergent and the solutizer and anticoagulant in powder detergent.

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